Babi Bach the 1st FULLY bilingual album in English and Welsh

At Lingotastic we love family language learning. We also get very excited when we hear of people encouraging family language learning. This week we are really lucky to have an interview with the amazing Penni from Babi Bach. She’s an amazing mum who saw that there was a need for Welsh resources and set about meeting that need.


Hi Penni, can you tell me a little about yourself and your family?
I am a wife to Andrew and Mummy to William (aged 5) and Martha (aged 3)
My husband is from Birmingham, England and when we first got married back in 2008 we initially settled in Birmingham. It was after the birth of our son that we decided we wanted to bring our family up by the sea. I am a Barry girl born and bred and so it was a very easy decision where to live!
I was lucky enough to be educated in Welsh medium schools right from nursery through my A Levels so have always enjoyed being bilingual and we decided that we would like our children to have the same gift. Both our little ones attend Welsh school and are doing really well.
When we initially returned to Barry I was really disappointed to find there were no bilingual classes for babies and pre-schoolers and so the idea for Babi Bach was born!
Babi Bach was started in September 2013 and has grown every term! We offer bilingual music classes for little ones and their families. It is an opportunity to introduce two languages to your little one from birth and also to help families who may wish to learn, or re-discover, Welsh with their child. It is a wonderful bonding experience.
I soon realised that there was a need for more bilingual resources in English and Welsh for families and so decided to make the 1st FULLY bilingual album in English and Welsh EVER! I raised part of the funds through the crowd funding platform Kickstarter and have well known Welsh artists lending their talents on the album. These include; Caryl Parry-Jones, Llinos Lee and former member of Only Men Aloud Hugh Strathern.

Babi Bach CD

How does your Album help family language learning?

The album has 12 very well known children’s nursery rhymes and songs which are all sung in both languages. Where necessary I have written or updated lyrics so that the English and Welsh versions are exactly the same to make it easier for learners to understand the songs.
It is a very well known fact that music aids memory and learning and so it is a great idea to use music to help your language learning.
The songs have been given a fresh sound with the arrangements by the super talented Darren Fellows. My experiences as a parent have taught me that if the music is of a high quality then you don’t mind quite so much when your little one asks you to repeat the CD for the 10th time that day! 😉 I have been told by parents that their children have been listening to the CD on repeat for ages – I can only hope the adults aren’t going completely crazy!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
If you’d like to find out more about us and out classes check out Babi Bach

The album is currently available for download through most major sites including Amazon
and Spotify. CDs can be ordered directly from myself ( and in some South Wales shops.
CDs will also be available shortly through Siop Mabon a Mabli online.

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