Blasting off to Germany

We’ve had a really exciting week at Lingotastic.

The first week of German has been brilliant with children and grown ups quickly picking up the new songs. I think Die Räder am Bus is a favourite so far. We had some lovely makes this week too.

We’re really pleased to have a brilliant new venue for our Chorleywood class.
Christ Church

We’re excited to tell you about holiday classes coming up in French, German and Spanish. More details coming soon.

If that’s not exciting enough for you then …

The biggest news of this week is the launch of the NEW exclusive 1 to 1 language classes- Book now while there’s space.
Your choice of language. Bespoke class and consultancy on your ongoing family language learning journey.
In the comfort of your own home.
Give your children the advantage bilingual families already have and sign up today!

We’ve got some other exciting developments too but keeping them under wraps for now!

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