Christmas Crafts

Happy new year to you and your family. I hope you’ve had a brilliant Christmas. We had some lovely family time so I’m just back to blogging now.

We’ve made some beautiful Christmas crafts in the last few weeks at Lingotastic. Making with little ones is good for developing motor skills, co- ordination, social skills and spending fun time with their grown ups too.

My family have many Christmas decorations our Children have made over the years and it’s so special to pull out the box each year to see how the children have developed.

Lingotastic is not a craft class but craft is brilliant for language learning. As you make you can point out relevant vocabulary and count too.

We made magic Reindeer food. (alimentos para los renos) and choose coloured glitter to make it magic! We focused on el reno (the Reindeer) and the colours of the glitter in Spanish (azul, verde, plata, oro y rojo).

Reindeer food
(photo by Cecilia, with Swedish Tomte in the background)

We made a papá noel with el sombrero rojo, (the red hat) la barba blancos (the white beard) dos ojos (two eyes) la boca (the mouth) and la nariz (the nose).


We decorated baubles and talked about the colour glitter we choose.


We made el reno with las mantitos (the little hands) y el pie (the foot) He also has dos ojos y la nariz rojo.


We’ve been learning about los tres reyes a great Spanish Christmas tradition and a good way to get little ones counting in Spanish!

tres reys.

We made our own Muñeco de nieve (snowman)and talked about his sombrero negro (black hat)and also his dos ojos (two eyes) la boca (the mouth) and la nariz (the nose).


You may have noticed, we repeated some words a few times, so the little ones picked them up quickly.

It may have looked like we were just making some Christmas decorations, but actually there was some serious learning going on!

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