Giveaway and Review of Babi Bach CD

Babi Bach CDA few weeks ago I told you about Penni’s brilliant bilingual Welsh and English CD in the blog Babi Bach the 1st FULLY bilingual album in English and Welsh.

You’ll be pleased to hear we have one to giveaway this week.

Here’s what Penni says about the album…
The album has 12 very well known children’s nursery rhymes and songs which are all sung in both languages. Where necessary I have written or updated lyrics so that the English and Welsh versions are exactly the same to make it easier for learners to understand the songs.
It is a very well known fact that music aids memory and learning and so it is a great idea to use music to help your language learning.
The songs have been given a fresh sound with the arrangements by the super talented Darren Fellows. My experiences as a parent have taught me that if the music is of a high quality then you don’t mind quite so much when your little one asks you to repeat the CD for the 10th time that day! 😉 I have been told by parents that their children have been listening to the CD on repeat for ages – I can only hope the adults aren’t going completely crazy!

Here’s what we say…

We’ve been traveling a lot this week and listening to the Babi Bach CD in the car. Us grown ups only knew the Welsh we’d read on road signs and the children did not know any Welsh before listening to the CD. This did not stop them enjoying the CD and joining in when they could. They really enjoyed the dialogue between the singers in between the songs.

The album is a very lively and interactive and we all picked up a bit of Welsh. As a parent I know children’s CD’s can get irritating. In our experience this CD can be listened to over and over again.

If you want to buy your own copy you can here.

If you’d like to win one you can here.
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