Interview with Veejay Lingiah. How do Flash Sticks help family language learning?

This is the first of monthly series interviewing those featured on our resources page. Everyone featured on the page has a really inspirational story behind why they do what they do.

This month we meet Veejay Lingiah from Flash Sticks

Could you tell me little about yourself and your family?

FlashSticks all started because one of our co-founders (Richard) found
himself in a Business Park in Spain with a problem. You see, like a true
Brit, Richard thought that everyone would naturally speak English and when
he discovered that not to be the case, he found himself scrambling for a
simple and fast way to build his Spanish vocabulary.

Richard turned to a tried and trusted technique used by language learners
all over the world – sticky notes! Handwriting Spanish words on notes
and sticking these all around his hotel room, was what sparked the idea
for FlashSticks – pre-printed vocabulary sticky notes. Richard wanted
them to be colour coded to gender (blue for masculine, pink for feminine)
and also wanted a way to help with pronunciation (hence, the free
FlashSticks App).

So, that’s how the whole idea started, from which Richard and I started to
talking to the Post-it Notes brand (3M) and retailers like WHSmith. From
there, FlashSticks was born and has been growing ever since.

As the CEO, I’m now the person championing our growth, as we develop
FlashSticks for new languages and new markets.

A little about me, I was born in London, but my parents are from Mauritius
and Malaysia, with their family being from as a field as China, Thailand
and India. Add to that my wife Natasha, how is from Moscow and we¹re a
truly international bunch!

How does FlashSticks help family language learning?

Family language learning is actually one of the core benefits of learning
with FlashSticks. Having notes stuck up around the home ensures that
everyone can see them and everyone is learning at a similar pace.

We¹ve heard lots of stories of families all testing each other and
competing to see who is learning the fastest!

Our free app also means that everyone can learn pronunciation at a pace
that’s right for them, simply by hovering over any note with a smartphone
or tablet to see a video tutor pop-up and help them to pronounce the word.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell those reading our blog?

We’re working with lots of schools at the moment, donating packs
of FlashSticks to some, to help with their teaching and PTA events.
If you think your local school would like to get involved then do reach
out to us, we’d love to hear from you. We believe it’s important to make
languages as engaging and interactive as possible for everyone, especially
those learning at a young age.

For anyone that would like to learn more about us, they can find out more

You may have noticed I like Flash Sticks! A really simple tool to increase your vocabulary in French, German, Spanish, Italian, BSL and English. (with more to come)
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