Remembrance Sunday . Don’t mention the war!

PoppiesAs I bought a poppy the other day I chatted to the bloke selling them.  It’s a bit complicated in our house as we’re English and German and any mention of the war can be a bit emotive amongst the older British generation.

Having said that, we really enjoy the Fawlty Towers episode “the Germans

Don’t mention zee vor!

My grandparents were farming in Lincolnshire during World War II and my husband’s grandfather was a German soldier. My mum in law has a really old book full of cigarette cards which were popular collectables as Hitler was rising to power.


We were married in a registry office rebuilt in 1954 after it was bombed . We’ve visited a u-boot in Bremerhaven. Which likely bombed British boats in WW2


Our children thought nothing of being German and English (except when it comes to football) but, whilst visiting my parents a few years ago they watched an old war film. A character shouted “watch out the Germans are coming” which my girls picked up and kept saying it to daddy!


So what is Remembrance Sunday about?


As a family we talk about the brave soldiers who fight so we may have peace. To us remembrance Sunday is a time to say thank you for the great sacrifices they have made whatever side they fought on.


What do your family do on remembrance Sunday?

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  • Ralf Meiering says:

    Thank you for everybody fighting or working for peace today. Thank you for everybody and every sacrifice to free us from the Nazis.
    Thank you for the friendship between our Nations!
    Greetings from Germany
    Ralf Meiering

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