Souper Language Learning


Soup is one way we encourage language learning in our home!
My children really like German packet soups. You can eat fire engines (Feuerwehrsuppe), ghosts (Gespenster Suppe), fairy tales (Märchen Suppe), sport (Fuẞball Suppe),and letters (Buchstaben Suppe).
When make these soups we must first read the instructions in German and translate them into English.
A cunning bit of language learning and reading to let them have what they like! They also like to find Gespenster (Ghosts) Hexen (witches) Zauberer (wizards), Princessin (princesses) und Einhörner (unicorns) in the soup.


We like to make German Göterspeise (jelly) too. We were making some Waldmeiser Götterspeise today and my daughter was reading the instructions while I translated them. She read Kartofel (potato) instead of Köchloffel (wooden spoon used for cooking) the instructions then read “stir with a potato until fully dissolved” We giggled a bit over that!

We think language learning can be lots of fun (and even quite yummy!)

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