It’s Lingotastic’s birthday

It’s our birthday!

This week we celebrate Lingotastic’s third birthday!

I can hardly believe my dream of encouraging and supporting family language learning would come so far!

Here are the photos of our first ever class in the newspaper



  • Thanks to our weekly Lingotastic classes:
  • A number of children have started school already able to communicate simply in four languages.
  • Parents have grown in confidence in their own language skills and ability to pass on these skills to their own children.
  • Bilingual families have found others to share their journey together.
  • Families have found books, songs, toys and simple activities which they can use day by day in their family language learning journey.
  • Families have experienced the joy of singing together (whatever the language)
  • Children have had their eyes opened to other languages, cultures and traditions which leads to a greater acceptance and understanding of others. (So needed at this current time)
  • Children are able to sing in many languages with almost a native accent!
  • My own family have also been learning the songs and sharing the stories from the classes and are really progressing in their language learning.

Lingotastic provide weekly language classes, school lunchtime clubs and private classes in German, French and Spanish. We simply make, play, sing and have fun with languages together and it’s amazing to see the results.

Classes run in Bucks, and Herts.

To help with your language learning at home we’ve produced as CD of songs in German, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Esperanto. Available on

To celebrate our birthday, we have three copies to giveaway. Do you want to win your own copy? Enter in the rafflecopter below. You can get up to 12 chances to win. Good luck!

It’s our birthday!

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  • Wow, happy birthday guys… or should I say, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag? 🙂

    We’d love to win this CD as my little linguist (aged 5) is mad about languages at the moment. He brought home a reading record the other day that said, “how many ways can you say hello?” on the back and he decided to write it in French, Spanish, Korean, German, and Italian. I didn’t even know he knew Korean, apparently he saw it on the wall in the dinner hall at school (there are something like 18 different languages spoken by pupils at the school, so they have things all around with different language on – it sounds like my dream!)

    I studied German and Russian at University, so being able to sing some of my favourite German songs with him would be fantastic!

  • Sounds like he’s flying with his languages already! Good luck in the giveaway.

  • Happy birthday!
    I’d love to win the CD for 2 reasons: firstly, my little one is also trying his hand at multiple languages and it would be a lovely present for him to use. Secondly, I want it for myself!
    Good luck for the next year and many more to come!
    Instagram: omnilinguist

  • Wow that is fantastic, how amazing is that! Thanks so much for linking up, please stop by again! #bestandworst

  • I’d love to win this for my kids. I am German myself but terrible at teaching them my mother tongue.

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