Language Learning tips from a seven year old

EmilyEmily’s guide to programmes for your little ones.

Hello, my name is Emily. I am seven years old. This is my first blog. My family like learning languages. My dad is from Germany and my mum is from England and she runs classes.

There are some fun programmes which I watch to help me learn some different languages and they are French and Spanish and Mandarin.

My favourite one is the Spanish one which is called Dora and I can learn a little bit of Spanish and know more when I get older. She explores and she helps her friends if they get stuck and says to us to say these words in Spanish.

The Mandarin one is called nǐ hǎo Kai- Lan. She has friends and she speaks Mandarin and when she’s helping her friends she asks me to talk a little bit in Mandarin.

The French one is called Madeline and she lives in school in Paris and she is the youngest one out of all the eleven girls. She uses some French words and has a French accent and you get to see parts of Paris.

Hi there, Emily’s mum here. As Emily said we love languages and use every opportunity to bring language learning into our lives. These programmes are a lot of fun and bring in a few words of the target language in among lively stories and songs.

Children enjoy watching programmes so it is a great opportunity to bring language learning into your everyday family life.  We’ve found Peppa Pig in German and Mandarin on You Tube and the above programmes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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Do you have programmes your little ones like? Let us know in the comments below.


  • My little one watched ICE AGE a million times and repeated lines in it often, so I bought him the DVD in Spanish too.
    Baby Loves Spanish CDs are great too.
    They have in French too.

  • Thanks for sharing Amanda. Glad you’ve found a simple way of bringing language learning into your everyday.

  • Oh this is lovely! I knew about Dora and Madeleine but a Mandarin programme is very interesting and I will have to see what my daughter thinks. She used a few French words on our holiday last week which was nice.

  • Thanks for sharing. Who knew all these were available on you tube, lots to look out for 🙂

  • This is a great idea for when mine are older. My son gets very obsessive with cartoons (part of his asd) so I can just imagine him learning German in a week once he starts! He needs speech therapy to help with his expressive language in English first though so might not confuse him with more languages quite yet 🙂

  • Great idea as its a real drip drip method of learning. My children knew snippets of Spanish from Dora

  • Nice to meet you Emily I like learning languages too and Dora is so much fun isn’t she? I used to watch Spanish Dora the Explorer when I was younger and it was great to see it in another language.

  • These look like some really fun programs. My husband is half Norwegian and so he teaches our children Norsk. It’s kinda handy 🙂

  • Oh what a cute post! Pickle loves Dora and he also manages to find Peppa Pig on YouTube in all manner of languages! He will start learning Welsh too very soon. Kaz x

  • These are great 🙂 we have amazon prime so I will be looking into streaming them as I am sure he will enjoy them very much too. Monkey has always been pretty good with the English language surprising me with some of the words he comes out with. I am just about to start sight words with him.

  • Hello Emily, Thank you for sharing your experiences of language learning. It is very important and will help you enormously when you are grown up too. If you have a look at the website you can find French vocabulary sheets to print out and lyric sheets for their songs. You can listen to the songs for free on Spotify and then play the karaoke versions too so you can sing them yourself. Keep learning and having fun!

  • This is awesome. Are there any other language shows anyone know of for Korean or Japanese?

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