Nie wieder Deutschland Never again Germany

As we were spending time in Osnabrück, Germany I noticed some stencilled signs on walls. Graffiti but it had a really poignant message. Nie wieder Deutschland, Never again Germany.



As a German and English family we find the whole discussion about the second world war tricky.

We wrote about it last year.  I really like how the the Germans remember the war. Keep discussing it so we don’t forget and neither do our children.

Walking down the street a few years ago I noticed some brass cobbles with writing on. On closer inspection I noticed what they said.



It was sobering to realise that real people, living normal lives had lived in this street and had been forcibly removed and murdered simply for being Jewish.


Some of the recent discussion about Brexit and the outright racism that seems to be now acceptable makes talking about the second world war and other genocide more and more important. A person’s religion or race should not determine their lives. Until we live in a very different society, I will tell my children what happened so together we can say “Nie wieder, Never again”

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