One Third Stories- The Great Deutsch word search

I’m so excited to hear these books are finally ready! surfing-mermaid This summer they’ve been running a kickstarter to produce physical books. We ordered a German one of course, and I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek when we met at the Language show Live and … It’s very good!

I met Alex and Jonny from One Third Stories a while back.They have a contagious passion for to inspire children to learn and love foreign languages, not just in a classroom setting. Read my interview with Alex here.

In The great Deutsche word search, The little girl looses her words in a storm and her and her cat go on an adventure to find them again, as the adventure continues more and more German is mixed in. Stories are full of magic and I’m sure this magic will touch your family too.

The books use the clockwork methodology. The stories begin in English. Gradually, words in the target language are introduced in contexts that make their meaning immediately apparent. Words become phrases, phrases become sentences and sentences become whole pages in another language. There is a glossary at the end of the
book to help in understanding if needed.

Our home languages are English and German, but my children are not yet confident to pick up a German book. As this book gradually increases the amount of German I think it will feel much more manageable and accessible to them than a fully German book. It is surprise Christmas gift for my daughters (please don’t tell them!) I’ll let you know what they think in the New Year.

The great Deutsche word search is beautifully illustrated with a fun, engaging story. There is lots of excitement to keep pages turning. I think the mix of languages means we can share it together and they can then look at on their own at bedtime so increasing their confidence in German. They only have school lessons in English and French so building their confidence in German their main issue. As a parent bringing up bilingual children this book is a great fun resource to use. Reading with little ones (and bigger ones too) is a a massive part of their language and vocabulary development. I hope this blog has inspired you to share stories with your little one, however young or old they are.

This book is available in German, French, Spanish and Italian. It would make an amazing Christmas gift, a beautiful book and inspiring a love of language froma young age which has massive long term benefits. Buy your own copy at OneThirdStories via this link


  • What an interesting concept! Our younger kids would certainly love this. I can’t quite figure out what books would be best for us, though – We’re in the weird situation where we speak two languages at home (English and Luxembourgish) but the kids’ school is in two other languages (German and French). The kids’ preferred reading language is probably German, but they are fine in English too. Add a Portuguese mother-in-law into the mix and I think you can understand why my head often hurts ;o)

    Greetings from multilingual Luxembourg. #mainyloveschristmas

  • Sounds like a brillant Situation for learning Languages to me! Have you Seen Hennie’s bilingual books They may suit you too?

    Our home is a mix of languages too. I mentioned washing yesterday and my daughter said
    : Wǒ xiǎng yào yībēi kāfēi xièxiè. – I’d like a cup of coffee … In Mandarin!
    It’s so much fun having a multilingual family.
    Frohe Weihnachten.

  • What a great concept. Fantastic way to introduce the language in a natural way through reading and enjoyment.



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