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It’s not long until the Polyglot Gathering. I’m so excited to be going for the first time.

My husband went along to the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin last year. Read all about it here. 

In October he also travelled to Thessalonki in Greece for the Polyglot Conference.

One of the Keynote speakers was Gaston Dorren, author of LINGO- a language spotters guide to Europe. His talk was insightful and inspiring.


We read the book Lingo over a year ago (an inspired birthday gift) and learned an awful lot about the crossover of the European languages.


This is my favourite quote.

“Two languages in one head? No one can live at that speed! Good Lord, man, you’re asking the impossible.”

“But the Dutch speak four languages and they smoke marijuana.”

“Yes but that’s cheating!”

Eddie Izzard


It is an intriguing and entertaining book looking at the more than fifty European languages and dialects. I really enjoyed it and think it is a MUST READ for all linguists and Polyglots.


We’ve one copy to give away below. If you have a copy, have a go to win your friends one.

Good luck!


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  • I’ve been waiting for this book all my life! I love travelling round Europe – and the world – language spotting! Even if I can’t understand very much of a language, I love being able to identify it and recognise some of the words. When I went to Romania a while back, I used my fluent Italian and my reasonable knowledge of Russian to help me be understood, since Romanian is a combination of Italian and Slavic, due to its Roman history – fascinating! As least I think it’s fascinating…!

  • Cath you are a girl after my own heart…

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