Hydration with WUBL

It is so important to keep the kids hydrated this summer but, there is so much choice. How do help them make healthier choices? WUBL have come up with a lovely child friendly solution. We came across wubl a few weeks ago.

I love that is created by family as a solution to a problem they noticed. Here is their introduction in their words.

Hello, We’re Mark and Leigh and we’ve created WUBL!. We’re a dad and an uncle on a mission to improve children’s health by reducing the amount of sugar that they consume. This started when I realised that there wasn’t a truly 100% healthy and fun drink for my daughter Daisy and as soon as my wife said: ‘Why doesn’t anyone put water in cartons for kids?’ I told Leigh and our mission began. So we created WUBLWater, a kid’s drink that’s sugar and nasties free AND fun, with cool characters called WUBLs that children love, supported with an amazing and safe online world for kids to play in called WUBLWorld.

Mark kindly sent us a few cartons to review, so over to my chief reviewers.

Emily age 9
The WUBL spring water is good to take on school trips because it is just like a carton but just full of water. .You can take it almost anywhere,a good place I would suggest to take it is to a swimming pool also,the straw which is attached is extendible, and I think it would be suitable for younger people, because it is less spilable than a normal water bottle. .I like the design because it isn’t a normal design you would see on an every days carton. It is a bit of an an unusual picture as you can see.The WUBL water is in a carton. I also like that it is not just called water, or spring water because it would be boring, but I like the name wubl because it is fun and creative.

Jasmin aged 10
Jasmin checked out the website…
The website is good for preschoolers as the activities are easy and fun. I think at the the beginning when there is the rocket it should be more obvious that you should press the big red button because preschoolers may not know what to do. On the website there is a story, a design a world game, videos and a page for parents with videos about how they made WUBL and how they came up with the idea.
The packaging is good because it is especially designed for preschoolers so it is less spillable. I took it on a school trip to Legoland and it did not leak but my water bottle normally does. It is better than a plastic bottle as it is better for the environment also it takes up less space and is easier to open. It tastes like normal water.

We all went swimming and took the cartons of WUBL to drink after our swim. In the pretty packaging the girls were happy to drink it instead of the sweet alternatives that were available there. It was good to have that alternative available to give them.
Anyways, enough from us. Maybe your family should try wubl for themselves?

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