Jojo Rabbit a review.

Today, we took our whole family to see Jojo Rabbit, as my husband and son had seen a preview a few weeks ago. 


As a German English family we like to talk about both sides of WW2, especially as in English schools it can be a bit one sided. We loved the idea of the story being told from the viewpoint of a ten year old boy caught up in Hitlerjugend. Our girls are 11 and 12 so a similar age to that boy. 


The film is gut wrenching and hilarious in the same measure. At points I checked on the girls to check they were coping ok with it. There are little points like shoe laces woven through the story that have a big impact on the story. The story has lots of unexpected twists which we unpacked as a family afterwards.They just serve to make you think, not everything is as it appears at first glance. Many people are playing the parts they have to play in a Nazi run country but still stay with their own conscience.The whole cast is very relatable you could easily be that boy, that Fraulein, that mother. The film paints a picture of ordinary people surviving, even living in a very difficult political and social climate. Many did what they could to make a difference despite the overriding political ideals. The propaganda quoted at times is laughable as children are asked to describe a Jew or believe that all Russians screw dogs. The soundtrack is well chosen even including a few well known German language songs


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