Hello, I’m Sarah Barrett and this is my husband Maik. We have three children (aged 8, 9 and 16) Maik is German speaking, and we have brought up our children with an awareness of the languages around them. Our children recognise and can speak words in German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Mandarin. We don’t have language lessons. We just incorporate them into our lives using songs, phrases, games, programmes (like The Lingo Show  and Tiny Tumble) and just having fun with languages. We love puppets, craft, singing and languages.

We’ve been involved in teaching little ones on a voluntary basis since 2002 so have lots of experience.

I set up a parent and toddler music group five years ago which I ran with another mum so I have a good idea of what young children respond well to (a few of the songs we use each week are originally English, used at this group)

You may have noticed I have not specified languages offered. I think (based on research by Manchester University Discovering Language – multilingual language awareness) for very young children it is more important that they have fun with languages and start to recognise how different languages sound. This is how we learn to speak initially, and how children brought up bilingually learn. This sets them up for a lifetime of language learning. Having said that, teaching takes place in six week blocks so families have time to learn the songs and a few vocabulary words. I offer space for the bilingual parents to share ideas too, to encourage families in their language learning journey.

Come join us on this exciting language learning adventure.