New! Language tuition from Lingotastic

Preparing you for language learning success!

Preparing you for language learning success!

We believe that language learning can and should be child’s play, no matter what age you are. Research is only just catching up with what multilingual families already knew: The best way to learn any language, is the same way you learnt your first language, which is by making it a natural, fun part of everyday life.

For this reason, we are very excited to offer language tuition, making our unique approach available to an even wider age range, and combining it with the best elements of traditional language teaching. It is delivered by a qualified MFL teacher.

We will get you ready for that exam or holiday!

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language-books-229x300Languages offered:

  • French
  • German

More to come, please enquire.



The following are prices for 60 minute 1:1 tutoring sessions, within a 10 mile radius of Chesham, Bucks. We may charge extra to travel further.

  • Primary (KS1 & KS2): £12
  • Key Stage 3: £15
  • GCSE (KS4): £20
  • A-Level (KS5): £30
  • Adult Learner: £30

Group tuition is available and can help you spread the cost

  • Small Group (2-5 students): add £10 to the prices above
  • Large Group (6-10 students): add £20 to the prices above

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