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PascalBonjour! At Lingotastic we love to sing and play and make in French. We love to share a French story together too. Pascale is our friendly French speaking puppet who encourages children to speak French in a group setting. We sing lots of fun active songs and children and grown ups soon join in and sing along in French. We often have a mix of bilingual families, expert speakers, those who spoke French at school, total beginners and it works really well. Through this fun we help promote family language learning by modelling simple techniques you can continue at home.

French weekly classes start in November


I think (based on research by Manchester University) for very young children it is more important that they have fun with languages and start to recognise how different languages sound. This is how we learn to speak initially, and how children brought up bilingually learn. This sets them up for a lifetime of language learning. At Lingotastic we simply play, share stories, make and sing and pick up language along the way.

Having said that, teaching takes place in six week blocks so families have time to learn the songs and a few vocabulary words. September term starts in Spanish. In November we blast of France to learn some French. In January we blast off to Germany to learn a bit of German. I offer space for the bilingual parents to share ideas too, to encourage families in their language learning journey.

Come join us on this exciting language learning adventure.

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